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Download O2Jam|O2Mania English + Song Pack | 299 Songs

Tags : Free Download O2Jam/O2Mania English + Song Pack Full Version

O2Mania English
Playing the game is divided between finding a room to play in, selecting a song, and playing a song. There are music-halls, technically servers, on which a user can play in. Some music-halls are named after the muses in Greek mythology.

There are 3 servers in the Korean version of O2Jam: Melpomin (Melpomin), Kalliope and Kleo (Clio).

In the Malaysian version of O2Jam, there are also three servers: Kalliope, Kleo and Thalia. All three are free to use, although about half of the songs cost money to play. Each server works under song level restrictions. Before Thalia was introduced, in Kalliope, only songs level 15 and below could be played, while Kleo allowed all songs above level 13. As of 09/08/06, the Malaysian version of O2Jam has all three servers: Kalliope, which is now a level 1-13 song restriction, Thalia, a level 7-19 restriction, and Kleo, which remains the same.

In the Philippine version, there are six servers, all of which are free-to-play. These are Euta, Thalo, Kalliope, Melpomin, Kleo and Philix.

1st. Create a folder called music ( or anything )
2nd. Download the song pack.
3rd. Extract all the files to the folder u created
4th. Open o2 mania
5th. Press file then configure folders
6th. Press the first "..." button
7th. Find the folder that you extracted your files to
8th. Press "ok" then "ok" again
9th. Press F8 or press file > open
10th. Press the refresh button on the bottom right corner of the Select Music window.
11th. Choose your song and the level
12th. Press "ok" at the bottom right corner.
13th. Press F6 to play the song for yourself OR press F5 to enable auto play.

Download O2Jam/02Mania

Song Pack 299

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Theres no more megaupload... damn it SOPA! Now i cant download anything. :(

i think Media Fire got Fckd up too.. i cant DL anything -_- SOPA! Y U DO THIS!!!

Please , The Link is Broken..
Fix it as Fast as you can Fix..

---Dark Crusader

Links are down, I repeat, links are down.
Requesting immediate alternate source links.
Further request that the game and the song packs be included in a single archive.
Thanks, over and out.

sir can i reques the Link DL of o2manina
because Broken link bot of 2 link DL you give..
can you send me in my YM

Megaupload has been removed since the owner was letting you pay to download movies online rather than torrent them for free which is illegal.

all this are fucking shit..y they have to block it. DAMN.....

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