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Download PETz: Catz 5 & Dogz 5

Tags : Free Download PETz:  Catz 5 & Dogz 5 Full Version

In this exciting compilation, Petz: Dogz 5 and Catz 5, dogz and catz live on your computer desktop. You raise them from little puppyz and kittenz as they grow, play, and learn together. When they grow up, many will start families of their own. Petz look to you for care, guidance, and training.
For every Petz you adopt, you'll get to sign an adoption pledge promising to be a good Petz owner. Make sure your dogz and catz get plenty of healthy food, exercise, and playtime--and lots of love from you! Tasty treatz are one way to reward your Petz for good behavior--just don't overdo it.
Use the spray bottle to keep particularly naughty Petz in line. Your Petz will run away if they feel neglected. Please adopt only those Petz you're sure you want and take good care of them.

Catz game Features:
-Litterz: previously just limited to one, catz can now have up to four kittenz in a litter.
-Breedz: five new catz breedz to add to the family.
-Weather effects and day-and-night cycles: provide -a more realistic setting for your catz!
-Playscenes: five new scenes come to life.
-Mini-games: A brand-new feature of the Petz games! Five mini-games in all.
-Updated 24-bit graphics: simply marvelous!

Dogz game Features:
-Litterz: now dogz can have anywhere from one to four unique puppies.
-Playscenes and mini-games: create a whole new interactive experience for your dogz!
-Weather effects and day-and-night cycles: experience changes in the weather and watch the day turn into night!
-Backwards compatible: owners of previous Dogz can bring their adopted Petz into Dogz 5.
-New breedz: Golden Retriever, Papillon, Jack Russell Terrier, and more!
-Updated graphics: simply marvelous!
-New toyz and clothing.

Download PETz: Catz 5 & Dogz 5:
http://rapidshareom/files/196340808/Catz-Dogz-LeeGT.part 1.rar

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18 komentar:

Works perfectly!!! Thanks!!

The "additional" Links do not work.

None of these links work it seems..

Is there any viruses and is it safe?

wrong game, I got Catz and Dogz, NOT Catz 5

dude just install freaking catz then...

There was a mistake on the file...

Is there any way of getting the real petz 5? This is the 2006 version, not the 2003 version advertized :(

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