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Macdrive Pro.

Download Macdrive Pro.
Macdrive Pro.


MacDrive has become the standard for accessing Mac-formatted media in Windows. Now you can take your file sharing to the next level with MacDrive Pro.

Macdrive Features

- Access Apple RAID sets

For the first time ever, Windows users can access Apple RAID sets straight from their PC. Professionals and power users who need improved performance and reliability have used Apple RAID for years, and now with MacDrive Pro, those disks can be shared with Windows. MacDrive Pro opens up a whole new realm of cross-platform computing.

- Faster Than Ever

MacDrive has always placed a high priority on speed and compatibility. MacDrive is now even faster and more configurable, giving you the ability to fine-tune MacDrive for your workload. Increased speed means you get your work done faster—saving you time and money.

- Mac Disk Manager

We’ve streamlined the Mac Disk Manager, making it even easier to format and partition your Mac disks and hard drives. We’ve even improved MacDrive’s repair disk feature, so your data is safer than ever.

- Burn Mac-formatted CDs and DVDs

Along with the ability to format Mac disks from your PC, you can use MacDrive’s CD/DVD Creator to burn Mac CDs and DVDs with ease.

- Quick Start Launcher

MacDrive has always been a simple, seamless utility for sharing files between Mac disks and Windows. MacDrive 9 makes it even easier with Quick Start. Now you’re just a click away from all of MacDrive’s features.

- Security and Optimization

MacDrive Pro works hard to protect your data—even when you want to delete it. The new “Secure Delete” option completely wipes the files from your Mac disk so they cannot be recovered.

Along with security, speed has always been a hallmark of MacDrive. The best way to increase speed is to have a clean disk. MacDrive Pro takes this a step further with the new built-in auto defrag that constantly optimizes your files to keep them lean and mean.

- More Options to Save

CDs and DVDs are a great way to save information, but if you need to save a large amount of data to a disc, Blu-ray is the way to go. MacDrive’s burning engine has been extended to enable the burning of Blu-ray discs.

MacDrive Pro has also added the ability to create ISO images making your PC even more Mac friendly.

What's new in MacDrive Pro

- Fixed: Some Windows 8 Store apps are unable to access files on Mac disks
- Fixed: Upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 8 might prevent computer from starting
- Improved: Problems with activation in switching between virtual and non-virtual Windows

How to Install:

1. Install MacDrive Pro (en) Setup.exe
2. Copy M4LIC2.DLL (x64 or x32 depends on your OS) to C:\Program Files\Common Files\MediaFour (C-D-E depends on where your OS is installed)
* to replace the .dll file you will need to close all processes that are using the .dll. If you have problems doing so, try downloading unlocker at the following link -
Code: Select all

3. Reboot your PC
4. An activation window should open. if it doesn't appear, then open it from MacDrive Pro Quick Start
5. Disable you internet connection or disconnect it
6. Input the following serial
xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx, (in the .rar file) and choose 'I have no connection to the Internet'
7. When it asks for activation code, input activation code xxxx-xxxx-xxxx (in the .rar file)
8. You should see "... successfully activated..." press the button "OK"
9. Well done. You have activated your software! If you wish, it is possible to return original .dll and reboot your PC again*
WARNING! - Some users say it broke their installation when they attempted to do this. Their is no need to return the original .dll, and this last step is optional.
10. Block app from the internet using firewall, just to be on the safe side

Original Crack Credits: PeterHolbrook
New Crack Credits: Jack0ff

Download Macdrive Pro. 

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